Bash Bootcamp

Confident Shell Programming

Do you feel intimidated, confused, or put off by quirky Bash? Are you uncertain what all those commands or how it all even works? The Bash Bootcamp fixes that by turning you into a confident shell programmer.

Bash touches everything from configuring machines, writing CI jobs, building Docker containers, digital photography workflows, and customizing your shell environment. It's a powerful digital glue. The Bash Bootcamp walks through everything from structuring programs, the core utils, and TDD (yes!) so you can get it done with Bash.

Preorder the Bash Bootcamp today for $25 and gain early access to the manuscript and collaborate with me to write the best book possible. Your preorder also includes the final ebook.

All major credit cards accepted.

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Hey, thanks for that! You should get a confirmation email shortly. Follow the instructions and you'll be redirected to the Google Doc manuscript.

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or problems. Good luck out there and happy shipping!

Dark Launch Access

Thanks for helping out with the dark launch. You'll receive the final e-book when it's all said and done as a thank you.

You'll receive access to the manuscript on Dropbox Paper when you confirm your email address. Tear the draft apart once you're in. You're feedback and suggestions are more than welcome--especially if this sucks!